Getting (Coco)nutty!

Today I put my Vitamix into service, and started off with a coconut butter disaster that turned into a delightful red curry sauce.  Coconut butter is, IMHO, the manna of the gods.  Smooth, creamy, coconutty…MMMMMM! And because it is so rich, a tablespoon or two is all I need to keep me going for a while and cut my sweet tooth.

I had stalked the UPS man through my neighborhood today, because I knew he had my Vitamix on his truck.  (Yeah, I’m creepy like that.)  I got it home, and the first thing I wanted to make was some homemade coconut butter.  Now, you’d think that you can’t screw a one-item recipe up, but the problem was that I knew that just a pinch of salt can help really expand the flavor of the butter.  Unfortunately, I was using these sea salt crystals that are REALLY powerful (which I learned with a crockpot pork roast last weekend), and it ended up WAY too salty.  Not what I was wanting.  I tried cutting it with vanilla and cinnamon, and then a bit of lime, and then just decided that it would just have to be the base of a very savory dish.image

So I grabbed about 1/3 small jar of red curry paste, a can of coconut milk, a few cups of water, and a small handful of basil from my new terrace garden.  I threw it all in the Vitamix, and VIOLA!  A thick, rich, yummy Thai red curry sauce.  I ended up with two large jars worth, so I vacuum packed them and put them in the fridge.  Now I have a super quick go-to meal!  I love culinary problem solving!!


Today’s food:

Breakfast: kale sauteed in coconut oil with eggs over easy and nutritional yeast

Snack: handful of mixed raw nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios)

Lunch: Mexican chicken cobb salad (out at restaurant) – lettuce, chicken, and tomato only, plus some guacamole and salsa

Dinner: red curry sauce with kale

Snack: small bag of kale chips (my lack of protein was leaving me hungry – lesson learned!)

With trying to salvage the coconut butter fiasco (and not having any protein on hand that fit well with curry), as well as the lame amount of chicken in my lunch salad, I definitely did not get enough protein today. (Although I did eat a ridiculous amount of kale!)  I am going to focus on more protein tomorrow.

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