Almond milk, oh my!

imageToday’s adventure was to make my own almond milk.  I soaked a cup of almonds overnight, took off their skins (sounds creepy, but it’s really easy to do), put them in the Vitamix with 3 cups of water, and blended it all on high for a few minutes.  VIOLA!  Almond milk.  Unlike other versions of almond milk I’ve seen, this doesn’t leave you with any pulp that you can turn into almond meal – which I guess is a good or a bad thing depending on your perspective.  I’m going to try leaving the skins on next time to see what that’s like.

I then used the almond milk to make an awesome whipped espimageresso drink that had about a tablespoon of coconut oil in it to make it creamy.  YUM!  Of course, I’ve also not been drinking much caffeine at all recently. (I went cold turkey a few weeks ago, and since have only had espresso one time last weekend, and I felt like I was on crack for 6 hours.  Not that I’ve ever been on crack….) But needless to say I had a LOT of energy this morning and afternoon.  I actually was finding it hard to concentrate on some work I had to finish.  Well, plus I was just excited about cooking more yummy Whole30 stuff and cleaning my apartment.  (Wait, did I say that?  WHAT IS THIS STUFF!  Crack is whack.)

So with all that energy today, I roasted a chicken, made chicken broth (from the carcass), roasted brussel sprouts, ground cinnamon (thanks again, Vitamix!), made cauliflower rice and cauliflower puree, chopped and vacuum-sealed a few heads of romaine, and cooked the leftover beef with carne asada sauce in the crockpot (an experiment).  I should be set for food for a week!

And, of course, since I’ll actually be gone to a conference in Toronto for the week, it’s a good thing I can now vacuum seal everything, so it’s still good to go when I get back in town!  I think that is going to be a big game changer for me.  Normally, I get back and just order delivery because it’s easier (and I live in NYC so it’s just what you do). I’m hoping that having all of this pre-made food will mean that instead I just pop open a jar and heat something up!

Today’s food:

Brunch: Whipped espresso with almond milk and coconut oil, crisp pork loin (reheated from crockpot pork with coconut oil) with kale and avocado

Dinner: Roasted chicken and brussel sprouts with olive oil, pureed cauliflower

Snack: Coconut butter (I made another batch!)

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