Oh, Canada…you’re killin’ me

So today was my WORST travel day in a really long time.  In fact, I can’t remember a consistently worse one ever.  After a bumpy flight into Toronto, I got “randomly” put through 2 extra immigration and customs checks.  In both cases, they were severely understaffed, and when I finally got up to the desk the person said, “Oh, you shouldn’t have been sent here.”  SERIOUSLY??  So, after spending an extra hour at the airport, I got to the hotel and realized that I had booked for LAST night, and they were completely booked.  Apparently there are several conventions in town, so EVERYTHING is booked.  Except the $600 suite at the Ritz Carlton.  So screw it…I booked it. I’m just going to forget that part of my credit card bill….

On the other hand, the GREAT part of the day was that no matter how stressed I was, I stuck to my Whole30 plan.  That included a dinner at a restaurant specializing in craft brews and scotch.  Did you catch that?  Very impressive.  So, it was a big testament to how good I’ve been feeling eating this way, and to how it helps me center even when I’m insanely stressed.  And having my bag of cashews/almond and little tub of coconut butter with me has been a total lifesaver.  These are traveling with me from now on!

Today’s food:

Breakfast (hotel): 3 egg omelette with spinach, onions, and mushrooms; bacon and sausage; black coffee

Lunch (airplane): mixed nuts I brought

Dinner: salumi plate (meat and veggies only – I gave the cheese and bread to my dinner companion); decaf coffee with coconut butter

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