Coconut butter as contraband

OK, so the Canadian Border Patrol and Customs folks are not my friend.  They confiscated my coconut butter (which I was planning to eat on the plane because I was STARVING due to absolutely nothing at the conference lunch I could eat).  I almost never loose my temper in situations like that, but the guy kept insisting that you can’t take butter on a plane.  I kept explaining that it wasn’t butter, and that it was a solid (not even creamy).  He still threw it away – along with my nice Pyrex dish and lid.  Jerk….

Today’s food:

Breakfast: omelette with spinach and mushrooms, extra sauteed mushrooms, lots ‘o’ bacon, berries, black coffee

Lunch: almonds and cashews, plum, peach (thankfully the conference had a bowl of fruit so I had something to go with my nuts, but I swear fruit like that just makes me hungrier)

Dinner: almonds and cashews, leftover roasted brussel sprouts and pureed cauliflower (sadly past 10pm, since that is when I got home)

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