Adventures in BBQ

It’s no secret that Countryside BBQ in Marion, NC is a Bryant family favorite.  The place is unbelievable (heck, Obama went there last time he was in town!). But it’s not necessarily the easiest place to eat Whole30.  That said, I think I found a way to have my banana pudding and eat it too! (OK, honestly, I didn’t have any banana pudding, but I made my lunchmate have some and she said it was the best she’d ever had.  I knew it would be of course, but I was actually pretty OK not having it! Could never give it up permanently though….)

I chose their small chopped slow-cooked pork BBQ plate, tomato slices, and paid extra for a side salad.  I skipped the BBQ sauce and the hush puppies (not even a taste!!).  I had asked for olive oil and vinegar on the side, but when they brought it, the oil didn’t really look like olive oil to me, so I just skipped it and put some vinegar on.  I ended up kind of putting the pork on the salad with the tomatoes and having a BBQ salad.  It was great!

Food today:

Breakfast: omelette with spinach and nutritional yeast, bacon

Lunch (Countryside BBQ): pulled pork, salad with vinegar, sliced tomatoes

Dinner (French restaurant): trout and scallop carpaccio; almond-encrusted trout (sauteed in olive oil, instead of white wine and butter); mixed vegetables; salad with lardons, walnuts, and Dijon vinaigrette

Snack: coconut cream pie Lara bar

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