Pecan Pie Bites

After being inspired by the Lara Bar I ate while in dire straits between groups the other day (and in order to create some high protein snacks my mom can eat too), I created a whole foods, paleo, mini version of pecan pie. Since I’m at my cabin, I don’t have all of my gadgets; but I was able to make these easily with my Magic Bullet.

Pecan Pie Bites
1 c. almonds, ground
1 c. pecans, ground
18 pitted dates (or if you were using medjool dates, more like 10-12)
1-2 T. virgin coconut oil (Tropical Traditions is my fave)
2-3 T. boiling water

Put the ground nuts in a mixing bowl. Then put dates, oil, and water into mixer or food processor and chop and blend. (It doesn’t have to be smooth – lightly chunky is fine.)

Put date mixture in the bowl, and then get ready to get your (clean) hands dirty! Mash it all together until it is thoroughly combined. It should still be a bit dry, but clearly sticking together.


Roll into about 18 small 1″ balls and put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Enjoy!


Needless to say, these were a big hit!! They’re not too sweet at all, which I like.  That said, they are definitely something I would need to be very careful not to eat too many of.  I’m dying to try some new versions when I get my nuts and freeze-dried fruit in from  (The shipment was actually delivered today, but to my NYC house; so I still have to wait a few days.)

Today’s food:

Breakfast: 1 Pecan Pie Bite, coffee with coconut oil

Lunch (Root & Vine): salad with grilled salmon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, almonds

Dinner (Countryside): small side salad with vinegar, tomato slices, half rack of ribs (meat only, no sauce); 1 Pecan Pie Bite

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