Ode to the hipster farmer’s market

Mustaches and skinny jeans among the sorrel and chard.
Hip babies and hipper mammas noshing on organic baked goods.
The grass-fed meat purveyor with the tattoo of a cleaver on his arm.
So it goes at the McCarren Park Saturday farmer’s market.

But I’m not hatin’! I had a great morning at the market, and picked up some amazing produce at very reasonable prices – minature beets with beautiful greens, red scallions, swiss chard (probably the last I’ll purchase until winter, since mine on the patio will soon be ready to start picking), wild arugula, and rhubarb (which will be going in a Rhubarb Chutney I’m making today). I even picked up some monkfish (a.k.a. “poor man’s lobster”)  and sorrel, which I’m using to make up a new dish called “Lemony Lobster.”

Today’s food:

Breakfast: Almond milk latte

Lunch: Sage-Rosemary Pork Roast and sweet potato chips (cooked in coconut oil)

Dinner: “Lemony Lobster” over cauliflower rice, frozen blueberries blended with the remainder of my Coconut Shake from the other night, coconut flakes

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