I’m in love…

…with my Foodsaver.  Yeah, anti-climactic, I know.  But honestly, it has changed my culinary life.  Well, that and the crazy number of wide-mouth Ball jars (both smaller and larger) I’ve bought in the past month. And this wide-mouth jar attachment that helps me seal things. (Interestingly, I also bought a few of the plastic rolls as well, but I haven’t really used them.  I think that for me I would probably use those more with putting meat into smaller portions to freeze or something.) The machine just makes saving food SO much easier.  And the food lasts forever!  (Hyperbolic, I know, but it feels like it compared to before!) Plus, it helps me with my crazy travel and work schedule, since I can bulk prepare vegetables, especially salad, and meals and then just grab them and go.

Today I was inspired by reading through Melissa Joulwan‘s Well Fed, which has probably the best simple primer on how to do a Weekly Cookup to set yourself up for the week, to take all the produce I bought yesterday and clean and prep it for the rest of the week.  I’m actually gone the next three days (shocker!), so this will make sure that I can have fresh, local, organic veggies waiting for me when I get back.  In fact, last time I pre-washed, chopped, and vacuum-sealed romaine lettuce, it lasted about 10 days before even starting to wilt!   Talk about being a life-saver for the single girl!image

So today I vacuum-packed a bunch of beet greens, wild arugula, and green onion tops. I also roasted and packed my beets, and then packed up my leftover riced cauliflower and sauteed greens, which I’d made for dinner.  I’ll have a fridge full of food to return to on Wednesday night!

Today’s food:

Breakfast: 1/4 frittata made with Farmer John’s eggs (he’s our local provider in NC, and I brought back 2 dozen eggs from my last trip down, because they are always the BEST!), leftover Sage-Rosemary Pork Roast, red onion, and swiss chard, cooked with ghee.
[NOTE: this was my cat Magpie’s fave, apparently.  I was going back for a second piece and realized that she had taken an entire slice, drug it onto the floor, and was proceeding to eat it all.  Luckily, my sister had already gotten her second piece in!]

Lunch: more leftover Sage-Rosemary Pork Roast with Rhubarb Chutney, 5 macadamia nuts

Dinner: leftover “Lemony Lobster” over cauliflower rice, sauteed mixed greens (beet, chard, sorrel) with red onion in chicken broth and coconut oil, and an itty bitty beet

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