The power of (Fitbit) persuasion

I have a Fitbit, and I LOVE it!  It really does keep my motivated to take the extra staircase, the extra 1/2 mile, etc.  For example, tonight I got back to my hotel room in D.C. and wasn’t really feeling great.  Then I got a text from my Fitbit telling me that I only had 543 steps more to make it to 10,000 for the day. What did I do?  Hopped out of bed (in my PJs) and walked back and forth across the room (luckily it’s a nice size one) until I surpassed my goal.  Now, sure, that probably was like an extra 10 calories. But you know what?  It made me motivated to do even better tomorrow!

Today’s food:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with beet greens and coconut oil, large iced coffee

Lunch: Chop’t salad (1/2 romaine, 1/2 kale; chicken; avocado; cucumber; tomatoes; peppers; jalapenos; olive oil and vinegar); coconut flakes

Dinner (Boquieria): about a dozen pieces cured ham, 6-7 olives, 1/2 scallop, 4 pieces lamb (and I’m sure LOTS of olive oil)

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