10K Steps

For the fourth day in a row, I’ve met my 10,000 step goal! I seriously do love my Fitbit.

My steps so far this week have been:
Monday – 10,013
Tuesday – 12,369
Wednesday – 13,025
Thursday – 10,352

I was really hoping today to beat yesterday’s number and get near 15,000 but I ended up at work until after 8pm and it was raining when I left. Oh well, I suppose 10k will have to do! Now, I’m shooting to do a whole work week in a row (and maybe even the full seven days!). What a perfect way to bookend my Whole30 experience!

Today’s food:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with beet greens and coconut oil, 10 almonds

Lunch: salad nicoise (mixed greens, tuna, olives, green beans, olive oil, red wine vinegar)

Dinner: beet greens and broth, coconut butter

NOTE: I was a bit light on the protein for the day.  I was planning on having a nice portion with dinner, but got some upsetting news and just wasn’t really wanting anything much. And yes, I swear that I was actually craving beet greens in broth and coconut butter as comfort food.  Wow.

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