Reflections on my Whole30 & Going Primal

Would I do it again?  ABSOLUTELY.

The last thirty days have been challenging at times, especially social occasions where I wanted to have a drink or being out to eat and not wondering what mysterious stuff was in the entrees. But I have to say that overall it has been an amazing experience.  I feel better, look better, and have found new levels of willpower I didn’t know I had.  It’s amazing when you just say, “OK, this is it.  No slips.  No excuses.”  It certainly worked for me!

And the bottom-line weight-wise?  I’m down almost 18 pounds.  Wow.  Want to know what that is the equivalent of? (Warning: Here comes the data geek in me.)

Slide172 sticks of butter


For me, it’s a great kick-start for a much larger health goal, which will take many months and a lifetime of more conscious living.  But hey, I’d rather be moving forward from this point!

So here is my plan for moving forward:

  • I am going to continue to primarily eat more “clean” paleo/primal (no dairy, sugar, alcohol, etc.), but will allow myself 2-3 meals every week where I will have those special treats.
  • I am going to continue to eats nuts, but need to make sure that they are more the exception than the rule (based on my tracking over the 4 weeks, the times when I was relying heavily on nuts to get by, especially during travel, are times when I didn’t lose any weight).
  • I am going to focus more now on amping up my movement and improving my lean body mass.  I just finished 5 days in a row of 10K+ steps, and I’m going to shoot for a full week, and then keep going.  If I can get in over 70K steps a week (which is about 35 miles), that should definitely be a great step in the right direction (pun intended!).  I’m also going to start adding in more interval training and “lifting heavy things” (ala the Primal Blueprint), and working back in more DDP Yoga (BANG!!).
  • I am going to more consciously follow a Primal lifestyle. (I am PrimeAli, aren’t I?!?) That means getting a good night’s sleep, playing more (and playing actively), getting sunlight, etc.
  • I am going to continue this blog to document my journey, keep track of new recipes I create, and just generally share what I am experience on my adventures.

Notice that I didn’t say that I’m going to “try” to do any of that.  I AM going to do it. And I’m looking forward to feeling even better.  Grok on!

2 thoughts on “Reflections on my Whole30 & Going Primal

  1. Hi Alison —
    I did this and have stuck with it pretty much since August last year. I cant tell you how much better I feel! It’s awesome that you’ve had such good results on the Whole 30! It’s really life changing and not as hard as I expected at all. Since you have a butter thing going in this picture one tip that I’ve found takes care of the dairy in butter is Ghee (clarified butter) — you get all of the flavor of butter and it’s great to cook with. Another great recipe FB page is Just Eat Real Food. They have so many delicious paleo recipes and ideas.

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