On a (Buffalo) Wing and a Prayer

I know that you’re not supposed to be focused on the scale, but it’s really important for me to stay on track and motivated. So I looked this morning, and I’ve lost 4 lbs. in the last two days! Now, granted, that’s mostly water weight, I know. But I can already tell that some of the bloating is going away. YAY!

I was planning to eat buffalo chicken for at least two meals today, but things changed a bit and I ended up with a bit more diversity (which was good!). Now I’ll just have the chicken in the freezer for the next time I come back to the cabin.

Food today:
Breakfast: Crock-pot Buffalo Chicken, double espresso over ice with heavy whipping cream
Lunch: Pulled pork with a little vinegar BBQ sauce, pimento cheese, celery
Dinner: Salmon poached with olive oil and dill, roasted brussel sprouts, a few bites of mashed roasted sweet potatoes
Activity: 2700 steps (ugh)

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