Today I tried to do intermittent fasting the way that Dave Asprey talks about it in the . Basically, you eat all your food in an 6 hour window (which was 1:30pm to 7:30pm for me today), and then you fast for the other 18 hours, having a Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast to jump start your metabolism. I felt GREAT today! And I definitely ate less food than I normally would.

Now, my one (totally accidental) slip today was that I forgot to order my salad today without the dressing already mixed in. Since the salad had roasted beets and winter squash, the sugar content was already a bit high. Since I made the mistake, I didn’t send it back. But I know it wasn’t a great choice. Next time, I would order the salad light on the beets and summer squash and with olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead. I think it would be just as good!

Breakfast: 16 oz. Bulletproof coffee (1 T. each coconut oil & butter, plus dash vanilla and cinnamon)
Lunch (Silver Diner): 1/2 Warm Roasted Local Veggie Salad with champagne vinagrette (YIKES!), a few bites of bison huevos rancheros (the primal bits only, including avocado)
Dinner: 1 bison bratwurst with a tad of dijon mustard, roasted brussel sprouts (in a little butter and a splash of heavy whipping cream), 2 pieces 88% fair trade dark chocolate
Activity: 5000 steps

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