Snow Day!

I’ve been taking advantage of being stuck at home today working (due to the zillionth snow storm this winter) by cleaning out my fridge, freezer, and cabinets. If it’s not primal/paleo, or if it’s freshness is questionable, it’s outta here! My freezer has never looked so clean AND I found some ground bison and elk that I didn’t realize I had. SCORE!

I also decided to make a bit of homemade mayonnaise, although of course I used light-tasting olive oil and a dash of avocado oil. I LOVE me some mayo!

Breakfast: Nothing, because I was working and forgot (kept trying to get up to make my Bulletproof coffee, but never did)
Lunch: Homemade French onion soup (onions sauteed in olive oil, thyme, homemade chicken stock and a some homemade beef stock reduction)
Dinner: Tuna with homemade mayo and chopped sweet pepper, celery, 2 pieces dark chocolate, paleo coconut ice cream
Activity: basically none, since I was apartment-bound (although that is not really a good excuse, since I could have done some DDP Yoga or something.

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