Wild Wings (without the Wings)

I was hankering for something “bad” today, but instead made a healthy, primal version of buffalo wings (well without the wings, but also without the bad-for-you stuff!). It took me a while on the grocery aisle to find a wing sauce that didn’t have a bunch of non-paleo ingredients, so I settled on the regular Franks Red Hot Sauce (not their wing sauce), and just added a bit of butter. Awesome!

Crock-pot Buffalo Chicken
Serves 6

3 lbs. boneless chicken breasts
4 T. butter
2/3 bottle Franks Red Hot Sauce

Layer the chicken in a crockpot, and cover with the sauce and butter. Let cook on high for 4 hours and then shred. Serve it on top of romaine leaves or celery (with a sprinkle of bleu cheese, if you want!).

Food today:
Breakfast: Double espresso over ice with heavy whipping cream
Lunch: Bison Chili, leftover pulled pork with vinegar BBQ sauce
Dinner: Crock-pot Buffalo Chicken, romaine lettuce, celery, and a smidge of bleu cheese; 2 deviled eggs (with non-paleo mayo 😦 )
Activity: 2500 steps (gross, rainy weather made me lethargic l but should have powered through….)


Back to it

Well, it’s been almost 8 months since my last post, and I’m back where I began. Well, actually, I’m in worse shape. Not for lack of knowledge of how to feel better and eat right for my body. But personal trials (especially the illness and death of my mother) put me in a tailspin of self-destruction like I’ve never had.

But enough about that. I’m back to it. And with a vengeance! I’m going full primal/paleo starting today. And I’m going to get back to doing physical activity that I enjoy. Today, I’m actually trying out my first Zumba class!

And to kick it off (which is a great phrase considering my Super Bowl binge last night), I made some Bison Chili. YUM! I love meals that are all-in-one, and this one is packed with veggies! (I saved half for myself, and then added in some beans and corn for my non-primal family.)

Bison Chili
Serves 4

2 T. olive oil
1 large onion
2 cloves garlic
1 red pepper
1 t. oregano
1 T. cumin
1-2 T. chili powder
1 t. paprkia
2 T. red pepper flakes (adjust for how hot you like it)
1 lb ground bison
1 14.5 oz can tomato sauce
1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes

Brown onion and garlic in olive oil. Add peppers and spices and sautee for a couple minutes. Add bison and brown. Then add tomatoes and let simmer until cooked through. Like all chili, I think it tastes better after it’s settled a bit and the flavors have melded. YUM!!

Food today:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs in butter with 1 sausage patty, double espresso over ice with heavy whipping cream
Lunch: 4 leftover ribs (no sauce), 1/4 red pepper
Dinner: Bison chili
Activity: 7500 steps