I’m BAAAACK! (And Joy-ful Almond Chia Cacao-Nut Pudding!)

So, it’s been WAY too long. And I’ve been on a crazy journey that includes meeting and moving in with the love of my life, having a baby (who just turned 1!), falling in love with 3 stepkids, running a small (but mighty) business, and more.

But now I have to get back to focusing on how to make ME healthy. I must admit, it started as a New Year’s resolution. But this is one I’m keeping beyond 2016!

I’m back to eating Paleo/Primal, with a focus on eating as healthily (and yummily!) and keeping my carb/net carbs down. I am 2 weeks into this journey, and had my weigh-in this morning.

11.1 pounds down in the first 2 weeks!

Yes, I know a lot of that is water weight. But it’s a great motivator, especially as that is about 9% of the total weight I’m striving to lose. AND I’ve got energy through the roof! (I might also attribute that to my morning Bulletproof Espresso.)

So PrimeAli is back and ready to share my ups and downs, awesome concoctions (aka recipes), and more!

To kick off, I just made up this delicious, high vitamin/low carb pudding with chia seeds (POWER food!), cacao nibs, and more.  YUM!!


Joy-ful Almond Chia Cacao-Nut Pudding

1 can coconut milk

3 T. chia seeds

2 T. cacao nibs

2 T. almonds (finely chopped)

2 T. cacao powder (or cocoa powder, which is a bit less strong)

1 T. xylitol (or other preferred sweetener)

1 t. almond extract

Mix everything together and put into either four 4oz. containers or eight 2 oz. containers. (I like to make smaller containers, since I tend to just need a nibble of sweetness, but P thinks the bigger the better!)

Nutritional Info for each of eight 2 oz. servings (obviously double this if you made the larger 4 oz. servings): 142 cal, 3 g. net carbs (6 g. carbs – 3 g. fiber), 3 g. protein, 12 g. fat

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