One month check-in! (And check out this awesome new Pinterest board)

Today is the last day of the first month of the rest of my eating life…or something like that! I’ve been really “on” this month, and my energy is through the roof compared to pretty much all of last year. (Then again, there was a new baby involved….)

I’ve started a new Pinterest board with some fave paleo/low carb recipes, so please take a look, follow, and share great recipes and ideas you find with me please!

And now, drumroll….the results of 30 days of healthy low carb/paleo eating, Bulletproof coffee every morning, 160 oz. of water daily, etc. is:

16 pounds down!!!

(OK, it was 15.9 lbs, but give me a break, we’re rounding up.)

Not bad for 30 days.  Things have certainly slowed down in the past few weeks, as expected (and I hit a week-long stall that ended in a big WHOOSH of weight this morning), but I’m so happy with where I’ve gotten.

And perhaps most importantly, my new energy has meant that I’ve dusted off my Fitbit and started getting out an moving again. I’m even finding excuses for exercise (like shoveling from the 30″ of snow we got in our blizzard last weekend!).

Onward and downward!!

Happy Dance!


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